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3M Matte Red Tesla Steering Wheel Emblem Decal

3M Matte Red Tesla Steering Wheel Emblem Decal

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  • Made with Premium Wrap Vinyl
  • Installs in Under 5 mins

Upgrade your Tesla's Interior with custom 3M Matte Red Emblem Decals for your Tesla's steering wheel emblem. This color is more on the orange spectrum of reds.

Steering wheel emblem decal covers face of emblem, and may have a thin line of chrome exposed along edge of decal depending on placement.

Includes two decals for steering wheel emblem decal, one emblem for backup/practice and one for the primary application

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  • Easy installs in minutes

  • Designed and made in California, USA

  • Premium brand car wrap vinyl for excellent durability

Customer Reviews

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Heidi LoVoi

Nice but very bottom doesn’t stay down.

Hi Heidi, thank you for your product review. I would like to help you address this issue you mentioned with the bottom not staying down as I find the information will be valuable to you and others.

You were provided with a free spare decal with your order to be used as a backup just in case you run into any issues. Before you attempt reinstalling the second decal, there are some “tricks” that you can try out to resolve the adhesion issue.

If the decal is not sticking, it is almost always caused by some sort of surface contamination, particularly on steering emblems and the front and rear emblems of the vehicle. With clean/lotion free hands, you can peel back on the bottom of the decal and use a new alcohol wipe to fully clean the surface. We’ve discovered that steering wheels tend to be a little more troublesome due to a coating that is applied at the factory, but also because detail products are often used on the interior, especially if you ever take your car to a full service car wash! So first and foremost, clean VERY well as laid out in our provided instructions. Lift back up the area which is not sticking, about 1/2” past the adhesion issue, then get another alcohol wipe or a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol, and scrub that area of the emblem very well. Wait for the liquid to fully dry and then re-install the decal. If you somehow overstretch the vinyl, you can use a hair dryer to “reset” the memory of the film.

The second issue that people commonly run into is that the weather is too cold. The adhesive used on all of our graphics is made of an adhesive that is sensitive to pressure and temperature. If the adhesive is too cold, it becomes more “rigid” and will not fully set. Even if the interior of your vehicle is 75 degrees, the actual “T” emblem which is partially metal, will be cooler to the touch, often 10-15 degrees cooler. This is why it’s important to work in a warmer environment and apply some heat after installation to allow the adhesive to “flow”. Then re-press the surface firmly to fully adhere the vinyl.

If the above doesn’t work, remove the decal and fully clean the surface multiple times with isopropyl alcohol. Then reinstall the new decal and make sure you apply heat afterwards and firmly repress the surface again.

If you continue having issues after trying these steps, please email us at so we can see what we can do.

Daniel Swift
Great customer service

I received my covers and was very excited to install them. It was cold and they had been sitting in the mailbox. Needless to say they did not adhere properly.
I sent a message and they sent a long replacements which I took time to get stickers and car warm. Worked perfect and look really good. I have covers on the exterior emblems and they are holding up great even going through car washes. Highly recommend if you want a little flair

How to Install Your Steering Wheel Decals