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McLovin' Tesla Keycard Decal

McLovin' Tesla Keycard Decal

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  • Made with Premium Wrap Vinyl
  • Installs in Under 2 mins

Invoke a sense of humor and identity through our "Superbad" McLovin' keycard design, carrying a touch of irreverent charm with every access.

Choose from the movie classic Hawaii Drivers License or our custom TESLA branded Drivers License. Note: This ID will not work at most supermarkets and liquor stores.

Perfect fitment for the face of all standard NFC keycards, credit cards and ID’s.

Save when you buy a two pack. One for you and one for a friend, or wrap both sides of your keycard!

  • Smooth premium satin finish
  • Does not block wireless communication
  • Air release adhesive allows easy bubble-free installation
  • Removes easily with heat

Choosing "Original/No Text" for Decal Design means there is no "TESLA" lettering and the graphic may be modified to accommodate the change (larger design or text replaced with the original elements).

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What's Included

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  • Easy installs in minutes

  • Designed and made in California, USA

  • Premium brand car wrap vinyl for excellent durability

Customer Reviews

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Victor Contin
Good for the money.

For some reason, I thought it was the real card, but it is a sticker that goes over your existing card. It does a job it looks really cool.

You're not the first to make that mistake, but we think we've made it clear enough and glad you didn't ding us for it. We appreciate your business and your feedback.

Decent quality but with issues

The cut doesn't evenly cover the whole card' it's several millimeters off on one axis, but spot on for the other. Not sure if cards are cut differently from different vendors. Also, mine came with a small needle-sized hole over McLovin's upper lip. Tried to smooth it out but it might have been a manufacturing defect. Issues aside, the decal looks & feels good.



James G
Love it! Its great.

Looks great. I bought a few different ones so cards wouldnt get mixed up (have 3 teslas in our family) The white background makes you want to align it perfectly because if its off you will see the black of the card so just be aware when installing.

Carl Pittenridge
Cool sticker.

Easy to apply and came with instructions and wipes to prep the key card. Fits perfectly.

How to Install Your Keycard Decals