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Ghost Black Patriot Flag Tesla Emblem Decals (Front + Back)

Ghost Black Patriot Flag Tesla Emblem Decals (Front + Back)

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  • Made with Premium Wrap Vinyl
  • Installs in Under 5 mins

Fuel your journey with our slick gloss dark grey on matte black American flag emblem decal, where the spirit of patriotism meets a rebellious edge, making your Tesla stand out in style.

Perfect fitment for the face of the emblem. (This decal does not wrap around the sides and a thin chrome edge will still be visible around the perimeter of your emblem)

Includes decals for front & back Tesla emblems, with an extra emblem decal for backup.

2024 Model 3 Owners: The 2024 Model 3 "Highland" no longer has a rear "T" emblem. You will receive matching "TESLA" letter decals in place of the rear "T".

Model S Owners: Refer to our model guide to find your vehicle generation. Gen4 and newer vehicles have matching "TESLA" letter decals in place of the rear "T".

Model X Owners: 2023 vehicles which have a factory installed rear "T" emblem will use the kit for "2012-22". Tesla removed the rear "T" for all 2023 refresh vehicles and newer; these vehicles will have matching "TESLA" letter decals in place of the rear "T".

**Our model guides are only estimates. Tesla does not do mid-year build changes like other manufacturers. If for some reason you are still uncertain, check the build date on the VIN sticker in your driver side door jamb.

Note: Our emblem decals DO NOT fit aftermarket emblems and will be smaller if you have plastic emblem covers installed.

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What's Included

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  • Easy installs in minutes

  • Designed and made in California, USA

  • Premium brand car wrap vinyl for excellent durability

  • Free Spare! For practice or as a backup

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Quan Tran
Ghost Black Patriot Flag 2024 Tesla Emblem

Very easy to apply on top of original Tesla emblem. Look great and exellent quality graphic and material. I had been trying for week to look for this product and I am glad to find Tesla Emblem. When applying the decals to your car, make sure to verify the correct emblem is picked. The package comes with 2 Front and one Rear. One of the 2 Frunk emblems has a yellow sticker labeled “SPARE/PRACTICE”. The 2 of them are exactly the same so it doesn’t matter which one being used; however, there is only ONE Rear Tesla Emblem and there is a sticker on the bottom right corner indicates REAR. Don’t make the same mistake I did - I used the rear for the FRUNK T, it was too late when I realized that I had the wrong emblem (the Rear Emblem is larger). The label indicates FRONT or REAR used a small font so it isn’t easy to spot. Luckily, when I contacted the company, Tesla Emblem sent me a replacement set for free and I covered the shipping cost (less than $4). GREAT SERVICE and KUDO to them

We're happy it all worked out for you Quan and we greatly appreciate the review and providing these details for our customers. New labeling is in the works to make things more clear. Thanks for being an awesome customer!


Love the product. Easy to install in cold weather too.
Looks great on the white color. I like that the original car looks still preserved but when one looks at the logo closer you will notice the design details of the flag.
Also, there is no way to upload photos on the shop app.

JIgar Patel
Love the product, easy install

Pictures don't do justice here. It looks good when you look at it in person.
I like how the decal blends in to Tesla's standard look at a distance but looks interesting up close showing the star spangled banner design.

Harley White
Love it!!

Super easy to install. Give you everything you need in a little kit to prep for it appropriately
Didn’t realize it when buying but the decal actually has raised edges so it looks even better in person!!

Please make slight improvement on your product

I enjoyed the basic idea and style for my Tesla emblem decal. However, it would look SO MUCH BETTER if it completely covered the Tesla badge.

Thank you for your review and product request SamuraiMarine

We think it's important to address this request because 1) you said please, and 2)we know how much a great majority of our customers would like to see this. Of course, we would LOVE to offer a full coverage wrap as an option as well! We agree, it definitely would look SO MUCH BETTER!

While it may seem like a 'slight improvement', unfortunately due to the geometry of these, and all emblems, it's just not feasible. There simply isn't enough material on a 2D canvas to vinyl wrap the entirety of a 3D object in one piece, particularly a shape like a vehicle badge. Vinyl is not like plastic vacuum forming, even if you were a youtube/instgram wrap master and tried to install these with heat and stretching material, the install will fail, 100% of the time, every time. Aside from that massive issue, a great majority of our customers don't have the skills needed to accomplish a more complex install like that. Even if we extended the edges just a slight bit more past the first bevel, it will increase the chances of lifting exponentially.

We know the coverage is not the absolute best case scenario, but it's what makes sense when you understand how it works. Maybe one day we can offer fully printed graphics on black replacement emblems, but that's another story.

Thanks for your review and for your order! I know this reply is a bit late, sorry about that. We'll let you know if that second idea ever comes to fruition.

How to Install Your Tesla Decals