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Toy Story Aliens Tesla Emblem Decals (Front + Back)

Toy Story Aliens Tesla Emblem Decals (Front + Back)

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  • Made with Premium Wrap Vinyl
  • Installs in Under 5 mins

Join the alien invasion! Attach these three-eyed mischief makers to your ride and become the rolling party of intergalactic fun!

Perfect fitment for the face of the emblem. (This decal does not wrap around the sides and a thin chrome edge will still be visible around the perimeter of your emblem)

Includes decals for front & back Tesla emblems, with an extra emblem decal for backup.

2024 Model 3 Owners: The 2024 Model 3 "Highland" no longer has a rear "T" emblem. You will receive matching "TESLA" letter decals in place of the rear "T".

Model S Owners: Refer to our model guide to find your vehicle generation. Gen4 and newer vehicles have matching "TESLA" letter decals in place of the rear "T".

Model X Owners: 2023 vehicles which have a factory installed rear "T" emblem will use the kit for "2012-22". Tesla removed the rear "T" for all 2023 refresh vehicles and newer; these vehicles will have matching "TESLA" letter decals in place of the rear "T".

**Our model guides are only estimates. Tesla does not do mid-year build changes like other manufacturers. If for some reason you are still uncertain, check the build date on the VIN sticker in your driver side door jamb.

Note: Our emblem decals DO NOT fit aftermarket emblems and will be smaller if you have plastic emblem covers installed.

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What's Included

1 x Pack of Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
1 x Mini Squeegee
1 x Tesla Front Emblem Decal
1 x Tesla Back Emblem Decal
1 x Extra Front or Back Emblem Decal for Backup or Practice

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  • Easy installs in minutes

  • Designed and made in California, USA

  • Premium brand car wrap vinyl for excellent durability

  • Free Spare! For practice or as a backup

Customer Reviews

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Hugo Ka Fai Siu


George Potapov

Toy Story Aliens Tesla Emblem Decals (Front + Back)

Look and feel great, super adorable, easy to apply

Got these to spice up the car for an upcoming trip to Disney World. They are freaking adorable. They look amazing on the car, we got the matching card stickers as well, absolutely in love with them. They came with an EXTRA which was so nice and made me less nervous to apply them. The clear plastic they are on makes it easy to line up and these seem far more forgiving than the cards. I was off a little on the front but it still looks fine, back I did much better. I have the extra and might redo the front later, but for now I am happy. Now all I need is a smaller T for the steering wheel, maybe door handle stickers, all with the same theme...that would be perfect.

TLDR: Great product, very easy to apply, look really nice!

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